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Building Your List with Giveaway Offers

With the awareness of the importance of list building, comes a recent Internet marketing trend that was started just a couple of years ago for the mutual benefits of all Internet marketers and mailing list owners.

This method is more recognized as “Starting A Giveaway Venture.”

In a real sense, a giveaway event is much like a big time version of ad swaps. In a nutshell, a group of mailing list owners partner and pool their individual gifts into one limited-time event.Mailing List 101: The Essential Guide on How to Boost Your Income by Creating a Big Mailing List

Each participating partner contributes a gift to the event. The gift can be a free product, membership pass, or a product that she or he is already offering.

The participating partner prepares a lead capture page where the gift is offered in exchange for the subscriber’s email address. In other words, in order for a visitor to download the digital gift, they must opt in and subscribe to your mailing list.

When the gifts are pooled together into one event, every partner will then endorse the giveaway event as related to their own individual mailing lists.

This results in lots of visitors coming to one event as a collective effort of several participating partners!

With so many visitors downloading gifts from one focused event, it’s a “Win-Win” situation because the visitors get to download several free gifts for their own use and every partner gets to build their own mailing list!

You can easily get notified about a giveaway event in the making by communicating with other Internet marketers who often or participate in Internet marketing discussion and joint venture boards. And why not consider reaching out to other Internet marketers and suggest forming your own giveaway event group?

Either way, good luck with building your list through your giveaway offers!!