Discover The Forgotten Power of Plants

Discover The Forgotten Power of Plants

Better health and well-being may begin in your very own backyard when you discover the forgotten power of plants.

Herbal medicine has been used throughout the centuries as a natural treatment for hundreds of diseases and ailments and with The Lost Book of Herbal Remedy: Discover The Most Effective Herbal Cures For Common Ailments To Naturally Enhance Your Health you can discover the benefits of natural remedies with this definitive guide to herbal medicine and gain a greater understanding of how you can use plants to treat common ailments like rashes, exhaustion, inflammation, stomachaches, and so much more.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedy

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedy is the most comprehensive introduction to natural healing and herbal medicine currently available.

All the remedies and medicinal plants of North America are included in this one book that explains why specific herbs work as herbal remedies and how you can use them to treat your next infection or simply increase your resistance to dangerous organisms in your area.

Did you know that a superfood tree has been quietly making its way into many American backyards?

If you can spot this peaceful invader he’ll provide you with food (all parts are edible), water (it can purify it), more protein and calcium than milk, four times the iron of spinach and… a LOT more:

Learn about the tree that every prepper should grow in his or her backyard. Best of all, this tree already grows in many American backyards, so see if it grows in your own backyard as well.

You’ll find lots of beneficial plants and remedies that include recipes of tinctures, teas, decoctions, essential oils, syrups, salves, poultices, infusions and many other natural remedies that our ancestors have used for centuries.

What’s included in The Lost Book of Herbal Remedy? Here is a basic overview:

  • How you can get to know the herbs
  • Herbal medicine preparation as a craft
  • The nine leading edge herbs
  • The perfect way to assemble your first aid kit and domestic herb cabinet
  • The easiest and most efficient essential home treatments

The reality is simple! This reference will help you to heal your common diseases and improve your immune system today with herbal medicines that offer your body much-needed natural medication for common ailments.

Want to know more? Add this to your shopping cart today and start learning how traditional natural healing practices may not only enhance your immune system, but will assist you to live a more natural, joyful life.

Pick up your copy of The Lost Book of Herbal Remedy today!