Becoming An Entrepreneur

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Curious about entrepreneurship and interested in becoming an entrepreneur, but not sure where to start? Whether you are launching a new product or service at a large corporation or starting your own company, this Entrepreneurship Masterclass will materially help you to ensure that you are successful. By the end of this 26-hour course, you will be armed with many qualitative and quantitative tools and frameworks, so that you can take your startup or your existing company to the next level!

This course will guide you through all the practical steps that you need to grow your existing company or launch a new company. Including raising money, creating a rock-solid go-to-market business strategy, building your management team, determining the product and or service that you’re selling, and creating financial statements the easy way.

Launch your own business from Scratch with the training of content on business frameworks, models and tools with the Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

  • Access 129 lectures & 26 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn the best practices of many billionaires that have launched successful companies
  • Learn about venture capital from scratch
  • Create your own business plan or improve your existing company or department
  • Discover how you can raise money from investors or strategic partners
  • Build financial statements for a startup

No previous business or entrepreneurship experience needed. Check out the Certificate in Entrepreneurship course now to embark on your entrepreneurial journey.